Short report about Youth & Peace debate tournament at Mawlana Institute on 13.02.2016.
The participants were more than 60 students from 4 universities and few civil society organization competed in the tournament.
The overall participation was over 70 individuals which inculdes judges
and observers from different institution.
۱٫ Aria University: (Shams Wali senior student of BCS and Hadia Essazada
senior student of BBA, Abdul Nasir Yari student of BAL and Rafiullah Khenjani student of BBA).

۲٫ Balkh uni: ( 2 team)
۳٫ Mowlana Institute : ( 4 team).
۴٫ Rahnaward Institute : (1 team)
۵٫ Taj Institute : (10 team).

From Aria teams became Shams Wali best second speaker,I got the 5th best speaker of the tournament. And also Aria team reward with Champions of this tournament among all universities.
I appreciate from your nonstop support dear Sir Fardi and Mr Abdul Majied Nasratyar.
I hope we were able to deliver for your expectations from the Youth & Peace Debate
tournament 2016.

Looking forward for more support and cooperation from Aria Side.
And at end kindly asking you to post this achievement with all
Aria students via Aria website.